As a socially responsible organization, CND Engineering always stays future-ready. We are aware of the challenges posed by the limited sources and the overall carbon footprint of the structures. As a torchbearer of the green movement in the industrial sector, we are offering world-class Green Building Service In India, and our green solutions are being accepted by many clients at a large scale.


What Is Green Building Solution?

Green building solution as a term can be referred to the practice of creating structures and adopting processes that promote environment-friendliness and sustainable way of life. As a highly trusted Green Building Contractor In Kolkata, our company’s Green Building Consultants has worked with many clients in close proximity to erect structures that utilize resources like water and energy in an efficient manner.

Why Opt For An Eco-Friendly Building?

  • Efficient Use Of Resources - These buildings use water, energy and other resources in an efficient manner to prevent wastage.
  • Environment-Friendly - Built using modern technology and keeping in mind sustainable sensibilities, these buildings do not use any material that could harm the environment.
  • Comprehensive Solutions - These buildings might be equipped with smart waste management system, rainwater harvesting system and solar panels.

There are enough reasons to go green from preserving resources to reducing your footprint on the environment, and all of it comes at a pretty reasonable cost. Call now and talk to our experts to clear your doubts regarding our green building solutions.