Who we are?
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CND Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

CND Engineering is a company that doesn’t only build structures for its clients but becomes their partner in erecting their dream structures. These structures can be a foundation of a new venture, an ambitious project or a small component of a huge construction project. We understand your requirements and treat the project as carefully and smartly as anyone out there. Being one of the firmly established Industrial Sheds Manufacturers In Kolkata; we design, manufacture and erect these structures from the ground up.

We have proven our mettle and competency in our projects whether it is a simple Roof Shade, Awnings or a PEB Shed. A comprehensive approach in planning and installing the structures along with the advantage of dealing with a single company throughout the process has made us the most preferred Tensile Canopy Wholesaler.

Technical excellence and deep understanding of the market are one of the key factors that contributed to our success in this sector. Our product range includes everything from tensile structures to Fire Exit Stair. We are also recognized as one of the most reputed Bunkhouse Suppliers In India. Our plan is to contribute positively to our clients’ vision and build value as we move ahead in the industry.

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Our Approach

First Contact

Client contacts us directly either through a phone call or by email to discuss the requirements in detail.


We go to the designated location immediately and take complete measurements and study the immediate surroundings.


A blueprint of the shed is created and is sent to the client for approval. Your inputs are incorporated in the blueprint after weighing all factors.

Structure Manufacturing

After the blueprint and design of the structure is finalised, all the separate components are manufactured in the workshop.


All the components are assembled and installed at the location to erect the structure as per the client’s requirements.


We stay in touch with you even after the installation and provide the much-needed support if the need arises.

Our Products

Industrial Shed Suppliers
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Industrial Shed

The excellent durability and 100% salvage value at any point makes our industrial sheds one of the most preferred ones in the market.

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PEB Shed Suppliers
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PEB Shed

These sheds will bring down the overall costs of a building considerably and also ease the entire process to give you a highly stable structure.

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Canopy Suppliers
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Our canopies are often referred to as a work of architectural art. Our designs will not only be welcoming but also improve the overall aesthetics.

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Tensile Canopy Suppliers
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Tensile Canopy

Complex and customized tensile membranes of our tensile canopies will protect and safeguard your place for an extended period of time.

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Awnings Suppliers
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Keep the indoor temperatures under control with our complete range of retractable awnings, available in shed forms.

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Our Completed Projects

Green Building Solutions
Green Building Solutions

CND Engineering completely understands its corporate responsibilities. Our design and manufacturing sensibilities are influenced by a concern for the environment. Offering highly efficient green building solutions, our company is committed to spread awareness about the clear advantages of opting for green buildings. The major benefits that incentivise the green building sector are as follows:

  • Use of modern technologies raising the current standard of living of people in general
  • Reduced footprint of the structure on the immediate surroundings
  • Efficient use of resources such as energy and water with the help of different systems
  • Equipped with advanced systems for waste management, solar energy and rainwater harvesting

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Why Choose Us?

Experienced Professionals

The working professionals in our team carry with them a combined experience of several decades. The expertise and keen eye for detail make them some of the most sought after executives in the industry.

Unmatched Expertise

Working in the industry for several years now, we’ve gained significant expertise in what we do. With many completed projects in our portfolio, we can assure you of a flawless work on your dream project.

Grade Material

We always use grade quality material sourced from highly trusted vendors in manufacturing our products. This improves the stability of our structures whether it is a tensile canopy or an industrial shed.

Timely Delivery

We are highly recognized and respected for always delivering the complete projects within the stipulated time. Punctuality ranks very high in our priorities and that’s what esteemed organizations expect from us.

Excellent Support

We don’t leave the side of our clients after the final construction of the project. We provide support to our clients confronting different issues that might arise later.

Prefabricated Structure